To me, artistic photography is like a journey in which the object changes its subjectivity, passing from an original state of wholeness to a flat, ambivalent fragment of itself; an optical souvenir chosen by chance, by sneaking my sight, by the observation of what should pass inadvertent, by placing and re-placing myself in different perspectives in search for new meanings. A photograph is a diminutive particle of a second immortalized by a click that abstracts the unreal from a slow and finite reality, conferring a multiple and perennial signification.
    As Julio Cortázar pointed out, photography is a means for clipping moments out of the real, in order to make it explode into a still wider reality.
  Photo Portfolio
Please, click the image on top of this column to see my photo portfolio.
   You will find that some photos are priced in US dollars. That number is for one framed gelatin silver print (unless color) immediately available in the size listed (centimeters). The first numbers are the image size, the second are the frame’s. If you are interested in any photo with no price tag, if you want to use any of these images for commercial purposes, advertising, or the like, or if you are looking for any other photographic service, please contact us.
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